Now available: Custom Locations for your Vending Honor Boxes

PLEASE NOTE: This service is for if you already own vending displays. This service provides LOCATIONS ONLY.
Finally, a better way to find locations for your honor boxes. We offer the most effective, practical and low-cost solution. Telemarketing. We demand excellence and have perfected the process of getting locations.
The professionals over at certified telemarketing will secure high-volume, highest-quality, high-traffic locations for your vending honor. They have a solid base of professional telemarketers that have over 7 years of experience doing only one thing, and doing it well: Getting permission/approval for vending honor box placement.
Our professional staff will secure top-quality, high-traffic locations for your Vending Machines. We will do all of the “sales” over the phone, thoroughly explaining all of the details to each location. You just go drop them off.

The entire process takes 2 to 4 weeks. Once completed, you will have an Excel spreadsheet detailing:

  • Name of location
  • Address of location
  • Store hours
  • Contact name
  • Notes

We typically call on: 

  • Restaurants
  • Beauty salons
  • Car washes
  • Auto repair
  • Cell phone stores
  • Truck stops
  • And more

Please Note: To get these placed efficiently, we let the merchants know that with a portion of proceeds given to charity. For us to get your vending units placed, we ask that you are aligned with a charity outreach program. All of your vending units must have stickers that represent a charity, with a portion of proceeds given to charity.


Here are some links to charities with outreach programs:

Here’s our requirements: 

1: Minimum order of 20 locations
2: Honor boxes only (no vending machines or large vending apparatus)
3: Honor boxes must have stickers that represent a charity, with a portion of proceeds given to charity

We replace duds.

If within the first 30 days you get any rejections, let us know which location and we will replace it within 2 weeks. That’s our total commitment to excellence. (Custom location lists are considered proprietary information, and cannot be returned after ordered. If necessary, buyer has privilege to return any rejected locations for replacement within 30 days of receipt. Since telemarketing is a costly procedure, and services are rendered, we do not offer a money back guarantee.)
Email Address*
Zip Code Of Desired Area (List Up To 3 Zip Codes):
Radius Of Zip Code / Area (up to how many miles?):
Name Of Charity You Are Representing:
Type Of Vending Units You Are Using:
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Custom Requests And Additional Notes:
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To get started:

1. Fill out and send questionnaire form. 

2. Click below on to the PayPal link 

3. Select quantity

4. Allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery (getting solid locations takes a bit of time) 

We will email you an Excel spreadsheet upon completion.


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How many locations?

Visit our FAQ page for more information.


Call us at: (800) 327-7750


  • 20 locations: $20.00 each ($400.00 total)
  • 40 locations: $15.00 each ($600.00 total)
  • 100 locations: $12.00 each ($1200.00 total)



Locations March 7, 2016