Deluxe Vending Program

Candy Vending Honor Boxes!

A great way to make money while helping a good cause

It’s about time you reward yourself with a reliable way to earn great income. Our Deluxe Vending Program is the unbeatable way to do just that.

Imagine running your own successful vending route, earning a comfortable living. And now you can do it for a super low start up cost.

We are looking for honest individuals willing to help charity and make great income at the same time.

Here’s how it works:

Filled with candy, these eye-catching vending boxes are placed in restaurants, beauty salons, stores and many other types of high traffic locations. A top rated Charity logo is prominently displayed on each box. Customers place 25 cents or more into the coin slot for each piece of candy that they purchase. Customers see that a portion goes to help the charity. Everybody loves candy and they are usually very generous.

The money you collect from these candy boxes goes straight to you. You will have the honor to pay a small amount to the charity, and then you will keep the rest. These can be placed virtually anywhere. And with multiple locations, profits can be huge. The possibilities are endless.

Locations are included

To assist you in placing these moneymaking candy boxes, we have a team of telemarketers who will call on locations in your desired area. We will provide you with a list of locations that have said “YES”. Finding a perfect home for each of your candy boxes has never been easier.

You can service your locations whenever its convenient to you. Work the hours that fit right into your schedule. You are in control. No other home based business offers you the freedom and flexibility. Turn your free time into profits, or get serious and go full time. How much you earn is up to you. Potential earnings estimates: Part time from $400 to $1000+ per month. Full time from $2,000 to $6,000+ per month or more. reports that Nationwide, the average vending route driver earns an average of $32,000 per year.

Earn your money fast!

Quick and easy. You can make money your very first week. And it’s amazingly simple. This is a great choice for anyone who wants the easiest way to get into the vending industry. Get ready to make excellent income… and make a difference.

Making money while helping charity. Now that’s something to feel good about!

An Excellent Choice for a Versatile, Low Cost Vending Route

    • Simple design: Easy for customers to understand
    • Easy to assemble: Durable yet simple to put together
    • Low maintenance: No moving parts, just collect money and refill
    • Needs no power: No electricity required
    • Quick service: Takes less than 5 minutes to empty and refill
    • Versatility: Change the sign or type of candy to suit each location
    • Hassle free: No service calls or breakdowns
    • Lightweight: No heavy lifting and moving vending equipment
    • Low inventory cost: 1 to 4 cents per candy or lollipop
    • Large coin slot: Fits dollar bills
    • No time clock: Work your own hours
    • Large Tray: Holds up to 300 pieces of candy
    • No more boss: Work from home and your car
    • Easy to locate: Small size
    • Beautiful and alluring: A real eye-catcher!

Completely Customizable


We include the highest quality Vinyl stickers so you can customize the appearance and pricing.

These plastic-coated/laminated displays are built to last.

Designed to be re-used so you can continue making money with them for many years.


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Can be purchased with extra boxes!

Visit our FAQ page for more information.


Call us at: 

(800) 327-7750

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Exclusive offer Includes:

    • 20 Heavy Duty Vending Displays

    • 20 pre-approved locations from our telemarketers

    • The Essential “Quick Start Guide”

    • Plenty of high quality Vinyl customizing stickers

    • Neck lanyard for your I.D card

    • Over 4 Charities with official vending programs

    • Ongoing, unlimited telephone support

    • And many other necessary items


Only $499.00 + $69.00 Shipping

($568.00 Total Price)

Shown on location.

Secret trap-door. Empty money out the side.

Results after just a few hours. The money really adds up.

Professional telemarketing firm will help secure your high-traffic locations. Defective locations are replaced free of charge.

Our Quick Start will guide you through every step of the way.

We include lollipop inserts. You can insert one into the candy holding tray if you want to sell lollipops.

Deluxe Vending Program September 8, 2015